The Rolling Pin

About The Rolling Pin

Husband and wife team Gordon and Yina are bringing you a roaming taste sensation, The Rolling Pin, offering a cute menu of flavour-packed dumplings.

All dumplings are handmade using traditional methods and this perfectionist team can cater to all your dietary requirements. The Rolling Pin not only want you to eat the their dumplings but to embrace the total experience of their nourishing flavour combinations.

They've set the bar high and promise that your taste buds will awaken, they may even throw a party!


Price $10 - $14

Penang pulled beef dumplings
 - Sambal pulled beef with mirepoix and green peas 

Buddha's delight dumplings (100% vegan and halal)
 - Bean curd, shitake mushroom, pumpkin, bok choy and cabbage 

All dumplings are served with daily Asian green salad