Paella Pan

About Paella Pan

With more than ten years in the mobile food business, Paella Pan has amassed a loyal and trusted following for their traditional Spanish paella and tapas.

‘Paella’ refers to the massive flat pan the savoury rice dish is cooked in, which allows rice to infuse with the flavours of chorizo sausage, seafood and spiced ingredients at a low and constant heat. Paella Pan’s pans are up to 1.5m wide, big enough to cater to the crowds seen at festivals, events and markets all over Auckland.

Paella Pan was started by Aaron Kirkland, who dreamed up the concept after returning to New Zealand after 8 years playing professional rugby in France. Aaron wanted to bring the tastes and culture of the area he loved to the Kiwi audience.

Paella Pan offer a menu longer than your imagination, and are available to cater any function from 10 to 300 people.


Seafood paella

Vege paella

Chorizo paella

Catering menu available