Nom Nom

About Nom Nom

This brother and sister foodie duo are bringing the delicious Banh Mi to New Zealand, and their doing so with a whole lot of passion and zest. 

As the pair experienced a flurry of sights, colours and food in their travels, they always found their way back to the excitement of South East Asia. Both very familiar with the hospitality industry, it was time this duo put their own twist on things. 

Nom Nom is about eating with your hands, enjoying it with your favourite people and bringing a vibrant slice of South East Asia to the streets of NZ. 

Nom Nom rice bowls: $11

Sticky pork belly with creamy mayo, crackling crumb, pickled carrot and daikon

Lemongrass Chicken with creamy mayo, fried shallot, pickled carrot and daikon (GF)

Sesame Tofu with creamy plant mayo, fried shallot, pickled carrot and daikon (Vegan)