Latino Street Food

About Latino Street Food

We are Latino Street Food, completely passionate about food on the move. We specialize on offering Latin inspired sandwiches which reflects the flavors that we love. We blend different spices and seasonings from different Latin American countries such as Argentina, Venezuela, Mexico but also from the European influence in our culinary.

This culture diversity results in a Latino SF kitchen who plays with ingredients that are vibrant, tasty, fresh, spicy, savory and most of all, fun.

Price; $10

Latin inspired sandwiches 


Chicken brest schnitzel - tomato, salad, pickled red onions. roasted garlic aioli



Rib eye steak - bacon, chimchurri, red onions, mushroom, tamato, salad, garlic aioli



Grilled provolone cheese - mushroom, chimchurri, pickled red onions, tomato, salad



Chicken breast schnitzel - jalapeno, spicy corn chips, tomato, pickled red onions, avacado and coriander salsa