About Langos


Bringing you a taste of traditional Hungarian cuisine, Langos is a fried bread typically found in the bazaars of Budapest. Langos (pronounced “langosh”) is leavened dough fried in high quality oil, brushed with fresh garlic, sprinkled with salt and your choice of original toppings.

Traditionally served with sour cream and cheese, they have created unique toppings using fresh local produce plus a few secret ingredients. Our personal favourite is the hand made Jalapeno herb harissa topped with feta and tomato.

Perfect for someone wanting to try something new, Langos is a crispy, stretchy deep-fried snack ready in moments.


Price; $6 - $12

Garlic & salt
Harissa pesto
Watercress & walnut pesto
Feta & tomato
Feta, tomato & harissa pesto
Cinnamon sugar
Banana & chocolate sauce
Seasonal fruits & locally made jam