Judge Bao

About Judge Bao

Judge Bao offers a modern twist to traditional Chinese cuisine, while staying true to its authentic flavours.

Bao are a steamed, hand-formed bun originating in China but popular around the globe as tasty, convenient bites.

Judge Bao do their bao a little differently, using only free range meat and locally sourced fresh vegetables. Their bao are lovingly hand-rolled and steamed.

Judge Bao is run by ‘Sauce Boss’ Jamie and ‘Bun Hun’ Debbie. Jamie is a chef of 16 years, working alongside some of New Zealand’s premier chefs, most recently Al Brown. Debbie has a love for food and partners traditional Chinese flavours with Jamie’s contemporary cuisine without compromising authentic flavouring.

Price; $6 - $15

Little Eddie (Shanghai-braised pork belly, peanut, hoisin sauce, coconut sugar)
Black Betty (ChinKiang black vinegar-braised pork butt, sesame, spring onion)
Peggy Siu (char siu pork, hoisin, floss, coriander)
Lap Dog (home-made fresh lap cheong sausage, Sichuan ketchup, honey soy mustard)

Charlie Xi'an (Xi'an-braised lamb, pickle, chilli, cumin)

Rick James (brisket in black bean sauce, capsicum, lotus, mustard greens)

Sloppy Po (mapo tofu, shiitake, douban mayo, spring onion, coriander)
Faux Eddie (five spice braised tofu, hoisin, peanut, coriander)

Smashed Q (cucumber, guaiwei dressing, douban, chilli oil)
Mean greens (bok choi, oyster sauce, sesame, garlic, shallot)
Popeye (spinach, fuyu, roast rice, garlic)

Death to Wing (Xi'an fried chicken wings, Sichuan chilli, douban mayo, chives)
Dirty Bird (Guangzhou fried chicken drums, fuyu, Sichuan ketchup, chives)
Baby Got Back (ChinKiang black vinegar-braised pork ribs, sesame, spring onion)
Real Sticky Icky (char siu pork ribs, floss, coriander, spring onion)