House of Dumplings

About House of Dumplings

House of Dumplings are almost a household name in their hometown of Wellington, after appearing at every gourmet food event and market in the area.

House of Dumplings make traditional, fresh dumplings by hand and from scratch – in a wide array of fillings and flavours. All the dumplings they produce are flavoured with fresh herbs, spices and seasoning according to family recipes, with no added extras or nasties. The chefs source the best ingredients from what is available locally and never cut corners when crafting delicious dumplings.

Find House of Dumplings wherever they may pop up. But find them fast! These dumplings won’t last long.


Price; $2

Cantonese chicken and fresh coriander
Shanghai pork and savoy cabbage
Prawn and garlic chives
Nepalese spiced lamb and vegetables
Korean sesame beef and mung bean sprouts
Japanese six mushroom (vegan)
Spinach tofu and bok choy (vegan)