Go Go Mexico

About Go Go Mexico

The caravan impressing the city with its mobile Latin fare is the product of extensive hospitality experience and travel to research the best foods from around the globe. Go Go Mexico is the result, and Aucklanders at markets, festivals and events can breathe a sigh of relief at the presence of this fresh menu of Southern American staples.

Go Go Mexico's chef Malcolm Pienaar has an impressive culinary background, having trained professionally as a chef in France, UK, Switzerland, Netherlands and the US and owning restaurants in New York, South Beach Miami and San Diego. Malcolm has studied winemaking from vine to bottle around the world. The Go Go Mexico caravan is the humble front to an incomparable passion for food, ensuring the delivery of simple, healthy food cooked with integrity and love.

The team inside the caravan make all their dishes from scratch, creating salsas and sauces and building fresh and delicious Mexican street food that you can enjoy on the go.


Price; $6 – $15

Quesaritos (between a quesadilla and a burrito)