Dixie Barbecue

About Dixie Barbecue

The guys at Dixie Barbecue have taken the Southern US style BBQ as far south as anyone would go, back home to New Zealand. Applying traditional American-style cooking, New Zealand is now privy to authentic American cooked meats. Dixie Barbecue utilise a state of the art smoker to ensure consistency at a mass scale – meaning they can serve the smokey goodness straight from the trailer to huge, hungry crowds.

Having travelled through the American BBQ Belt, covering over 12,000 km and learning from some of the best barbecue chefs there is, the team behind Dixie Barbecue aren’t to be missed. Expect sauce-covered mouths and very happy bellies. 

They can be found regularly on Thursdays - 126 Sturges Rd, Western Heights and Fridays  - 3 Pringle Rd, Te Atatu Peninsula.

Check their Facebook page and website for updates. 

Price: $4-$22

Pulled lamb
Pulled lamb
Pork belly
Beef Brisket

Pulled pork
Pulled lamb
Smoked chicken
Pork belly
Beef brisket
Pork ribs

Slaw & pickles 
Hushpuppies (balls of savoury corn-bread)
Mac n’ Cheese 
Banana Pudding
Peanut Butter Pie