Bloom's Pretzels

About Bloom's Pretzels

Bloom’s Pretzels make their soft, buttery pretzels by hand and from scratch – starting with an old family recipe brought to New Zealand from Germany in the early 2000s by Yvonne Blum.

The pretzels are hand-rolled and twisted before being baked to a golden brown.

We aren’t talking about crunchy, bite-sizes pub snacks – soft pretzels are a delicious full-sized snack known for their chewy glazed dough. Soft pretzels are a traditional mainstay of the German and American street food culture.

Bloom’s Pretzels proudly offer a variety of Soft Pretzels for every taste – from traditional rock salt, cheese and ham to sweet lemon, cinnamon and even cheesecake. These soft pretzels can be found freshly-baked in markets, at events and even in food stores.


Price; $6 - $10

Ham & cheese
Tomato & cheese
Ratatouille & cheese
Jalapeno pepper & cheese
Salami & cheese
Balsamic onion, bacon & cheese
Sunny-side-up egg, bacon & cheese
Cinnamon sugar
Sweet lemon
Chocolate dip

Tomato cream cheese
Spinach & feta
Homemade herb butter
Basil pesto
Pretzel calzone
Apple pie cinnamon
NY lemon cheesecake
Peanut butter crunch
Sweet strawberry