Puha and Pakeha

About Puha and Pakeha

Puha & Pakeha started two years ago when Belinda and Jarrad saw an opportunity to reconnect people with the kai of Aotearoa. Traditional maori kai was largely overlooked by the public but with the injection of new cooking styles and modern flavours people would have a reason to give it a try. So Puha & Pakeha is a harmonious blend of two cultures, taking elements of old school maori kai, adding modern flavours and creating street food to be enjoyed at markets and events all over Auckland.

Along with a shared passion for food, Belinda has a background in hospitality, events and marketing and having her own business in hospitality has been a lifelong dream.
Jarrad is Tainui me kahungunu and spent his childhood in Manurewa, South Auckland. He has a background in small business mentoring and training. 


Price; $4 - $10

Pulled Pork & Slaw 
Spice rubbed pork, cooked in a hangi long and slow for a delicious and unique smoky flavour, served with slaw and a tangy handmade dressing.

Kumara & Coconut Bites 
Kumara cooked in a hangi for a delicious & unique smoky flavour, combined with coconut and panko crumbed. Served with a choice of handmade sweet horopito sauce or aioli.

Smoked Kahawai & Kumara Chowder
A delicious combination of sweet, creamy kumara and artisan smoked kahawai.

Piri Piri Chicken Salad
Spicy horopito (NZ native pepper) piri piri chicken, salad greens & crushed peanut served with a handmade coriander & lime dressing.

Smoked Kahawai & Watercress Salad
Artisan smoked kahawai and a salad of watercress, red onion and carrot served with an artisan saffron and orange vinaigrette.

Bacon & Egg Buttie
Bacon, egg, handmade manuka smoke & black garlic aioli, artisan tomato sauce & Rewana bread

Fried Bread
Bites size fried bread served with handmade salted caramel sauce or handmade white chocolate sauce with crushed macadamia.

Kawakawa Meringue 
Meringue infused with the sweet aromatic flavour of kawakawa (native NZ herb), served with fresh cream and a drizzle of handmade salted caramel sauce.