Little French Pastry

About Little French Pastry

Masters of the extravagant desserts, Little French Pastry want to take over the world with their authentic sweet treats and the mille-feuille is their weapon of choice. 
Mille-feuille also known as a Napoleon, is a layered french puff pastry treat which they make in a variety of scrumptious flavours. 

Little French Pastry have their own take on their classic french desserts and have created ‘dessert in a jar’ range in crème brûlée, meringue, and tiramisu.
They are always coming up with new creations to excite the taste buds. Be sure to spoil yourself with some of these french treats, they taste as divine as they look! 



Prices; $8-9

Vanilla, salted caramel, pecan, 
Lemon, meringue, white chocolate, dark chocolate 70%, mango, cardamon 
Passion fruit, coconut, milk chocolate 
Peanuts, caramel, dark chocolate 70%

Dessert in a jar: 
Classic is Crème brûlée
Vanilla, meringue, Salted caramel, pecan nuts