The Delicious History of the Food Truck

Street food goes past hashtags, past festivals and deep into the olden days of New York city - you better believe it!

It was during the 1600's in the buzzing metropolis of New Amsterdam (New York City) that push carts started being regulated. It was an attractive operation for those who had made the big move and were looking for work, so the popularity of these carts grew across America. They grew past the streets of the Big Apple and into the depth of Western America. And that’s where The Chuck Wagon made its big debut.

The Chuck Wagon was created by Charles Goodnight in 1866. The idea was to cater to the cowboys driving cattle in parts of the country without railroads. This was food trucks for convenience, rather than to impress a date or make you instagram look delicious. The menu consisted of easy to preserve items like salted beef and bacon, there was some work to be done before they parked up at Coachella, that’s for sure.

The Chuck Wagon was the truck that started the revolution, a revolution that went swiftly from salted meats to the first hotdog cart in 1936; The Weinermobile. The Wienermobile fed university students, busy NYC bosses and everyone in between. And that’s when it spread, past the USA and across the globe to Europe, New Zealand and everywhere in between.

That’s where we come in, The Food Space family and all of our food truck friends. NZ’s caught the street food bug bad and we love it. With every truck there’s a tale, every bite; a little love and the history continues of the well-loved, rolling food trucks, vendors and stalls.