Judge Bao x The Sandwich Club Project

Judge Bao is gaining recognition in many forms, in the real world and online. It’s been easy enough to keep up with Deb and Jamie over the past few months as they have tripped their way across Hong Kong and China, soaking up the local cuisine and getting a taste for the culture along the way – all in the name of research. Tripping around Asia for two months sampling the food? We would probably call it "research", too.

The creative culinary couple have recently been featured in the Club Sandwich Project, an online exposition of international flavours captured in bread, buns and loaves. Judge Bao has created a special edition Lucky Duck bao for the occasion, and you can see their home made recipe here.

Welcome back Jamie and Deb – it’s great to have your amazing bao back on the local scene.

Catch Judge Bao at The Street Food Collective.

For more of the Club Sandwich Project, check the videos online.